The Spirits


A gin scientifically distilled to bring out the best in the botanicals from our nursery. An initial warmth of juniper expands with the sweetness of hibiscus and liquorice. Accompanying citrus notes provide an eccentric zest to harmonise the eight other botanicals.

Blends well with any tonic, or makes a brilliant martini!


A gin with strong juniper flavour in the forefront with citrus and sweet notes building slowly from the lemon and hibiscus, to finish with a beautifully smooth blackberry taste. This gin will make you nostalgic for those late summer evenings.

Perfect for use in cocktails, or on its own in a gin and tonic.


Combining sweet notes from the strawberries with the subtle spice of cassia and Szechuan pepper, this juniper forward gin is perfectly balanced. Add tonic to transform its colour, and add a little excitement to your afternoon G&T.

Perfect for magical cocktails and Gin and tonics alike


Our new Chocolate and Orange gin, with zesty orange notes that linger on the palate, is perfect for that winter evening by the fire place.

This versatile gin serves beautifully with tonic, and the rich chocolate flavour makes it the perfect addition to any cocktail.


With a warm sweetness from hand-picked sloes, this gin finishes with a subtle bitterness that leaves you wanting more. The sloes have been left to sit in the gin until it’s perfect to taste, no matter the time taken. Because sometimes slower is better.

Our sloe gin is fantastic for a winters walk, or a summer cocktail. Best sipped over ice.


A golden rum with flavours of chocolate and orange alongside subtle notes of ginger and caramel from the ageing process. All culminating in a spectacularly smooth finish that lingers on the palate.

Perfect for drinking on the rocks or with your favourite mixer!

200ml Gift set and 700ml Gift set 

This  gift set lets you mix and match our spirits to make your perfect combo . Packaged in a gift box – our trio are the perfect Christmas present for family and friends or for you to keep all to yourself.


We want our gin to be as environmentally friendly as possible. We are constantly seeking new ways of sourcing local products. The majority of our botanicals, including our juniper are being grown at a Nursery in the New Forest. This allows us to ensure a consistent quality of the botanicals we use in our distilling process.


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