The Distillery

Based in the heart of the New Forest, in Lymington, you can find us at Shallowmead nurseries next to Mabels restaurant and cafe (stop in for a coffee and some cake!). Explore the delightful gardens at the back of the nursery before coming in to the distillery bar and trying our spirits or get involved with a spirits school class and create your own unique spirit.

Cocktail Classes

Our immersive experience allows you to learn cocktail making and explore our exceptional spirits. For £45 you will create (and drink!) three cocktails of different difficulty levels using our carefully selected spirits. Sample a diverse range of spirits to enhance your understanding and appreciation. This educational experience expands your knowledge and palate. Reserve your spot now to improve skills, enjoy tasty cocktails, and discover our exquisite spirits.


If looking to book a group or corporate event please contact sales@820spirits to enquire

Cocktail class

In this immersive session at our Spirit School, we offer a unique experience that combines hands-on cocktail making and an opportunity to explore our exceptional range of spirits. Throughout the session, you will have the opportunity to create and indulge in three different cocktails of varying difficulty levels.

Under the guidance of our head distiller Tom, you’ll learn the proper techniques, measurements, and proportions needed to craft each cocktail to perfection. From classic favorites to innovative creations, each cocktail will showcase the unique flavors and characteristics of our carefully selected spirits.  


In addition to the cocktail making, we’ll provide a sampling of our diverse range of spirits. This allows you to appreciate the nuances and complexities of our offerings, further enhancing your understanding and appreciation for our fine libations.

We believe that the best way to learn about spirits and cocktails is through hands-on experience and tasting. Our session at the Spirit School offers just that, providing you with a memorable and educational experience that is sure to expand your knowledge and palate.

Join us for an unforgettable journey into the world of mixology and spirits at our Spirit School. Reserve your spot now and get ready to elevate your cocktail-making skills, savor delightful concoctions, and explore the depth of our exquisite spirits.


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